Cracking The Personality Code

To achieve better communication, record sales, and REAL wealth.

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picture of code master yvette payne-simmons

Yvette Simmons-Payne

Your Instructor

Imagine how your life would change if you TRULY understood other people.

We’d all find life a little easier if we simply possessed this ability. Unfortunately, not all of us possess this skill naturally.

This is the skill they teach at CodeMasters!

Most of us have taken personality tests to gain insights to our own way of thinking. Maybe we’ve read someone else’s personality report to learn more about them. But what if we could teach you to read others personality types simply by being around them for 2 minutes, without asking them to take a test! It could revolutionize the way you interact with them!

Empathy is an admirable trait. It’s also a trait found in many of the world’s most successful people. Empathy starts by being able to understand another’s perspective. Armed with this knowledge, one can alter his/her style of communication to fit the OTHER person’s needs, instead of our own. This is the basis for successful relationships whether personal or professional.

This training has revolutionized marriages, parent/child relationships, sales-people incomes and working relationships.

Let The CodeMasters teach you how to break the code to others personality styles and traits! It could change your life, and theirs..

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