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“Yvette came into our small firm with ideas on how our communication could be improved through B.A.N.K., I was skeptical at first, but learned quickly that personality types do collide in a business setting! Through Yvette’s devotion in helping us resolve these issues and the B.A.N.K. system’s materials in helping us learn each other’s communication styles, we have been able to resolve some long standing conflicts between the owner and middle management of our financial planning firm. Yvette’s dedication to her craft has been a gift to us as we have found a better efficiency in our operation due to the tools provided by B.A.N.K.. We also feel that our client relations have improved as well!

I can’t express enough the gratitude that l feel for Yvette’s consistent, professional, and extraordinarily helpful assistance in resolving our personality issues at our firm. Sometimes it takes an outsider to turn the communication on its head to actually progress in a forward momentum.”
—B. Vargas