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The CodeMasters B.A.N.K. workshops will help you discover your REAL potential and who you & others truly are. There is a series of patterns & clues which are scientifically backed through a 2 ½ year White Paper Study on the B.A.N.K. methodology conducted by the University of San Francisco. The CodeMasters workshops will teach you why the same presentation has your prospect say “Yes” is also the same presentation that will make another prospect say “No”. Crack the Personality Code first in your sales process and you will have the skill set to close more sales!

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Here’s what our client had to say about The CodeMasters:

Matt Guiver

“Ever wondered if you could decipher a new client’s personality, how you might better meet their needs? Well upon discovering the revolutionary B.A.N.K code personality tool, I now have a valuable tool that has helped me secure several clients that might have otherwise moved on. This scientific tool provides insight into how to unlock the secrets, science and system to understanding personalities. Discover how it might transform your job, career or life as you learn to zero in on what matters to others!

Matt Guiver, Owner/Managing Director Jumpstone International LLC